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yachts of class 'Dragon'

Restoration of wooden yachts.

Production of the 'Dragons' in the USSR ended in 1973.
Very few yachts have been preserved since then. But almost everyone deserves a new life.

Unfortunately, the 'Dragons' were built for 3 to 5 years.
Often used black fasteners and short-lived glues. Very bad in the long-term exploitation showed itself oak. But at quality repair all this is not a problem.

You can get a really collection yacht as a result of the restoration.

RUS 19 'West' - replacement of the keel, floor timbers, ribs, deck.

RUS 18 'Secret' - the repair was made by the crew, painting and equipment of the yacht - by us.

RUS 22 'Phoenix' - found in the floodplains of the city of Azov. Complete replacement of everything, except for the skin planks.

RUS 84 'Lun' ' - rebuilding the boat anew, because the hull lost its shape and did not comply with class rules.

RUS 21 'Drug' - the yacht was in good condition, but for a long time it was stored incorrectly, all cracked. It is glued at all seams. Replaced all equipment.

FIN 46 'Sirkka' - the yacht came from Finland in good condition. However, it was necessary to replace all floor timbers in the area of ballast and almost all frames. Completely replaced the underwater coating. Replaced varnish on the entire boat. Replaced the sealant on the deck.

the yacht RUS 19 'West' RUS 19 'West' and RUS 18 'Secret' the yacht RUS 18 'Secret' the yacht RUS 22'Phoenix' the yacht RUS 84 'Lun' ' the yacht RUS 21 'Drug'