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yachts of class 'Dragon'

Equipment of yachts.

Since we ourselves are racing on 'Dragon' class yachts, we know how each rig should work on these yachts. Both on loadings, and on convenience of a disposition there are ready decisions.

Usually the owners of old wooden boats address to us with the order for equipment, as to invent everything of them for a very long time, and it does not come from the first time. For example, the installation of a new mast requires its adaptation to a yacht - it is necessary to cut 10-20 cm. How is it measured and does not spoil then by angle machine the mast cost more than one thousand euros?

We always try to use the equipment of the firm "Harken", but, of course, the choice remains for the client.

Many details specific for the 'Dragons' are made by us in Saint-Petersburg.

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