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yachts of class 'Dragon'

Yachts of class "Dragon".

'Dragon' is an international class of racing sailing yachts.
The design was developed in the late 30-ies of the XX century by the Norwegian yachtsman Johan Anker. The project is a keel yacht - a monotype with a cabin. A yacht can carry a spinnaker.
Since 1927 the design of the case has not changed.
The class was part of the program of the Olympic Games from 1948 to 1972.
In the Soviet Union 'Dragons' were built in Tallinn and Leningrad until 1973.

Wood gave way to glass fiber reinforced plastic, but old wooden boats often show excellent results in races. Therefore, having restored the old boat, you can get not just a stylish and beautiful yacht, but also a racing car with the right to participate in all international competitions along with modern 'Dragons'. You can find copies in Russia worthy of restoration.

To date, the class 'Dragon' is the most numerous class of keel yachts - monotypes (1650 only registered in IDA yachts).
The calendar and geography of the class race are very diverse.

Main settings:
crew 3 persons
length 8,95 м
width 1,96 м
draft 1,2 м
displacement 1650 kg
main 16 м2
genoa 11,7 м2
spinnaker 23,6 м2
a yacht of class 'Dragon'

a yacht of class 'Dragon'

the yacht RUS 19 'West' the yacht LTU 1 'Egoza'
yachts of class 'Dragon'